I learned about Dale and Ron's from my Grandfather who has been taking his cars to Rick for over 15 years. He has had nothing but good things to say about Rick, and the business that he runs over at Dale and Ron's. So, when I needed work done on my car, my Granddad gratefully headed over to Dale and Ron's to talk with Rick about what we could do. This was about 4 years ago. Since that time, I have been to see Rick multiple times, for a variety of reasons. Every time I go in, he greets me with a smile on his face, and a shake of the oil soaked hand. 

I have to admit, Rick is a bit old fashioned when it comes to his office. The office is small, and lacks one thing that most people just assume come with any office now a days. Rick doesn't use a computer. Shocking I know. Some how he makes it work though. You have to be sure to give him a call, and he writes everything down in a notebook that he keeps on his desk.

So, to the reason I am writing this today. I have recently purchased a new car, well recently being a year ago, and have yet to take it in for any kind f service. Lately there have been some funny things happening to it, so without going into detail, I'll just say that I needed to take it in. I have learned over the course of time not to take a car into the dealer, unless it is absolutely necessary. However, there in lies the problem. I now drive a Saab, and for any of you who know anything about the darn machines should know that they are virtually impossible to get work done on them. To make a complicated story short, Saab was bought by Saturn which went out of business a few years ago, so now its extremely difficult to get parts. Additionally, those Swedes went against the grain when designing their car, cause no one knows how to work on them. All of this being said, I called up Rick and explained the situation and he told me to drop it off the next morning and he would do everything in his power to get it fixed.

I showed up this morning around 8:15 AM to drop the car off, and there was Rick with a cup of coffee and a smiling face. He greeted me by name, asked for the key, and with a shake of the hand told me he would give me a call by this afternoon.

Now, for the shop. It is a bit out of the way to be honest. You have to drive past Mass, and down into the old part of Lawrence. If you didnt know it was there, you wouldnt find it. You have to hop onto Connecticut  and then follow it until you hit 8th and see the "dead end" sign. Its a quaint building, with cars parked all around the place, waiting either to be looked at, or picked up. The man has a great reputation, as evident by the number of cars that pack the place every time I happen by.

In the past, when taking my car over to Dale and Ron's I have gotten reasonable and accurate quotes. Rick has definitely helped me out of a pickle or two in the past.

If you're needing some work done on your mode of transportation, give Dale and Ron's a call and set up an appointment to drop it off. Its hard to find a good mechanic, 15 years of loyalty on the part of my grandfather speaks for itself. -Andrew L


Thank you for visiting Dale & Ron's Auto Service Inc in Lawrence, KS. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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